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Due to the ongoing global pandemic, Covid-19, Learn Abroad Italy has made the difficult decision to suspend all 2020 study abroad programs. The safety and health of all students is our number one priority. We plan to monitor the situation and resume programs in the future. Please contact us for any questions regarding future study abroad opportunities.
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LAI strives to provide students an experience unlike any other, while taking into account all the details that are necessary to make a trip an unforgettable and lasting memory for years to come. 
All of us at LAI are experienced and knowledgeable in living abroad and truly believe in the positive impact it has had on our lives and development as individuals.
We want students to be able to live, laugh, and learn abroad by providing them with a first-class academic, living, and social experience.
Each and every student will be given that personal support necessary to make it an amazing experience, while encouraging their growth and stimulating their minds while abroad.

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  • Ashley - Pennsylvania, USA

    I truly believe that studying abroad put me a step ahead of my peers my senior year of high school and especially going into college.

  • Jeanie - Hong Kong, China

    My summer with FUA was one that I will remember for the rest of my life. My classes were fun and constructive of my artistic skills and were lead by amazing and competent professors.

  • Hanna - California, USA

    Traveling and living with people from all over the world additionally helped shape my new perspectives on life.

  • Rakan - Beirut, Lebanon

    There were times when I got homesick, and it was quite tough, but the guidance counselor were always there to support me. Anything that proved to be an obstacle, I managed to overcome either by myself or with some help. I can without a doubt say that this is an experience that you will not regret.

  • Zo - New York City, USA

    Being able to study in Italy at The Florence University of the Arts was an amazing experience filled with art, food, and culture. Along with completing our courses, the program was filled with traveling to different cities.

  • Mariano - Mexico City, Mexico

    I felt very comfortable during my stay in the city because the university not only offered comfortable accomodations, but also had adequate facilities and classrooms for teaching the courses. I had the pleasure of having excellent teachers, as well as dedicated program coordinators who advised me and looked out for me throughout my summer in Florence.

  • Evelin - New York City, USA

    Vincenzo and Lauren are part of why I had a great experience. They made the experience very smooth and they truly care for you and for the Italian culture. They make a great team. I am thankful for the experience I was given with the program at FUA and everyone I met on this wonderful journey. Thank You FUA!

  • Diana - New York City, USA

    The diverse melting pot of Florence, taught me how to accept people’s differences as well as how to try new things without hesitation. In addition, the professors are very caring and dedicated to their craft! They’ve managed to teach me a variety of skills in a matter of weeks as well as other industry standards.

  • Malak - Cairo, Egypt

    The classes weren’t the only thing I enjoyed there. The people I was with, and the city itself were also among the major highlights of this trip. I was enrolled in a pre-college program, which means that I was a minor. This meant that we had to stay within the same group all the time. Thankfully, this group was composed of some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. There were people from very different places in the world: the United States, France, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, China and others. This gave me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and interact with them.

  • Sylvia - Pennsylvania, USA

    My experience with FUA was nothing but positive the entire month that I spent with them.
    I highly recommend studying abroad to anyone considering it. Experiencing a different culture and being able to live in a different country for a short period teaches you a lot. All the different people you meet, and stories you hear give you a different perspective. It will completely bring you out of your comfort zone and provide you with incredible memories.

  • Sonja - Louisiana, USA

    In just one month, I learned and experienced more than I had ever before. I loved everything about this study abroad program. I cherish the knowledge I gained and time I spent with everyone I met. Together we all took classes, traveled, learned from each other, and became a family. This experience made me grow as a person and influenced my passion for learning about different cultures.

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