Become an international intern!

LAI offers for credit and non-credit internship options through our partner host institution, Florence University of the Arts. Internships are offered in a variety of studies whereby students learn from professionals and assist them in related tasks and projects to complete internship objectives.

Students can enroll in internships independently, or during their study abroad semester in addition to their other courses.

For credit internships: A 6-week minimum duration is required for 3 academic credits. Students will obtain a transcript from the host institution upon successful completion, and can request one from the official school of record to transfer back to home institution.

Non-credit internships: A 3-week minimum duration is required. Additionally, housing through the host institution and a 3-week Italian language session is required as part of a non-credit (NC) internship. Duration of internship can be customized (3-week increments).

Internships offered:

  • Accounting and Business
  • Architecture Studio and Interior Design Student
  • Baking and Pastry Industry
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education and Childcare
  • Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  • Fundraising
  • Art Gallery Assistant
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Music and Performing Arts Administration
  • Photography
  • Public Relations
  • Special Event Management
  • Sport Venue and Training Center Assistant
  • Visual Communication
  • Video Production

*Internships offered may not take place every semester. Limited spaces available until maximum is reached. Internships require a portfolio and video interview to assess previous experience, some prerequisites may apply. Contact LAI directly with any questions.


Turn your passion into your career!

Looking to learn from industry professionals and gain real life career experience in an international setting? Immerse yourself in a hands-on experiential approach to the industry of your calling. The following career programs offer developmental skills of your chosen career path through theory and practice.

Each career program is customized for accelerated learning within strict time periods with coursework taking place in the center of Florence, Italy at the host institution Florence University of the Arts.

These programs are tailored to develop your growth and experience within your desired industry and are right for you if you:

● Are looking to jump directly into career development straight out of high school
● Desire additional development on top of your university degree
● Have decided to change your career path after many years

For detailed program information, please contact LAI directly.

Program Structure

Levels and Certification:

Career Programs are divided according to levels. Students will complete each level in approximately 10 weeks (the number of weeks may vary according to the Academic Calendar). At least 2 levels are required for certification (Levels I and II or III and IV). The granting of formal final certification is conditional on the successful completion of all program academic requirements. Programs may be attended for only one level as a study abroad experience, at the end of which is issued to the student a transcript for coursework completed.

*For programs marked with an asterisk: Diplomas of professional qualification are issued from the Region of Tuscany for these one-year / 2-level programs. In order to obtain the diploma, students must enroll in all courses related to a specific Career Program.

The host institution reserves the right to vary the sessions in which career program courses are offered and to modify course titles and course content.

Programs Offered


APICIUS International School of Hospitality is the first international institution of its kind in Italy. The city of Florence, a top global destination for tourism, offers an unparalleled environment for hospitality studies. Founded in 1997, the school is an internationally respected leader in academic and career-oriented education.

Experiential Learning Programs:

Baking and Pastry
Culinary Arts
Hospitality Management
Wine Studies and Enology
Master Programs:
Master in Italian Cuisine
Master in International Baking and Pastry
Special Career Programs:
TuttoTuscana Study Away


DIVA offers studies in digital photography, rich multimedia, videomaking, graphic design, and interior design. Its vision seeks to train students to forge a new light and perspective on how digital and visual arts reveal our surroundings.

The School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts (DIVA) is a dynamic and technology-focused area of FUA offering the following departmental studies:
Visual Communication


The architecture, design, and restoration studies at IDEAS rethinks the concept of
place from a cultural and community point of view by using the basis of architectural
and design studies in order understand how human value is achieved in physical spaces.

The School of Interior Design, Environmental Architecture, and Sustainability hosts departments offering courses in the following areas:
Eco-Sustainable Design
Luxury Design


The academics at FAST aim to bridge the widening gap between design and manual
skills in fashion and accessories.  The School sustains the local Florentine traditions of Straw, Leather, and Knit production through artisanal and technologically sustainable labs.

The School of Fashion and Accessory Studies and Technology (FAST) offers studies in fashion and accessories through the following departments:
Accessory Design and Technology
Fashion Design and Technology


The School develops students’ communicative tools to uncover
the surface of cultures, societies, and urban movement within Italian landscapes through its studies in Journalism, Communication and Publishing.

Programs Offered:

About the Institution


Located in the heart of the historical center of Florence, “FUA is a multidisciplinary institution that seeks to offer dynamic possibilities of study through a rich selection of academic institutions and departments. FUA provides a rich, stimulating course offering taught by an international faculty with an academic structure based on lectures, workshops, seminars, and laboratories that promote student learning and creation in its quality, state of the art facilities. Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is accredited by the Region of Tuscany (Accreditation Number FI 02219) delegated by the Italian Ministry of Education. US credit can be issued through FUA’s School of Record. Adhering to the Guidelines of the Forum on Education Abroad, the University of South Florida (“USF”) serves as the School of Record for FUA.”