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La dolce vita

There is no question why life in Italy is referred to as sweet. With so many transformative cities leading the way in culture for centuries, we invite you to learn abroad in the historical city of Florence. LAI is proud to have partnered with FUA: Florence University of the Arts to provide a one of a kind opportunity for high school students from all academic backgrounds. The program offers college students the chance to experience living and studying abroad in Italy. Brimming with awe-inspiring landscapes, dreamworthy culinary delicacies, innovative fashion, revolutionary art, history, and culture, Florence is a city beckoning students to explore its magic.

At A Glance

Study abroad students at Florence University of the Arts can choose 4 or 5 elective courses (12-15 credits total) from a variety of classes offered. FUA strongly believes in hands-on and culturally immersive education and provides experiential components to many of their programs. Courses are taught in English and range from a variety of subjects including: Food and Culture, Fashion Design, Art History, Graphic Design, Hospitality, Baking and Pastry, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Marketing, Wine and Enology, and many more.

To Begin Your Journey

Request Additional Information

To receive program dates and costs, please email us at Feel free to provide your preferred study abroad dates and course requests when inquiring, or any additional details you would like to know more about.

Optional Studies

– For-Credit Travel Week – Cultural Introduction to Italy (3-credits)
– Italian Language Courses
– Internships For-Credit
– Experiential Learning Courses

Admission Requirements

– For US/Canadian students a required minimum GPA of 2.75, English Fluency, High School Diploma or equivalent.
– Complete the program application and an Official transcript, CV, or statement of prior experience (if applying for intermediate or advanced levels only), and USF Conduct Waiver (if requesting a USF School of Record Transcript)

* Contact LAI if you are unsure about the requirements or your GPA / Academic Standing. Additional documentation may resolve individual cases.

Questions so far?

We understand that all of this can be a lot of information to take in.
Luckily we have a solution for that!

Academic Courses

Registering for Courses

– LAI completes student registration directly with FUA based on students’ selections listed on their application. Upon confirmation of enrollment through Learn Abroad Italy, students will receive course registrations once it is completed. Please note, classes offered at FUA are on a first-come, first-served basis and students should make their course selections as early as possible due to course enrollments being open months ahead of the application deadline. Courses offered at FUA generally range between 8-20 students.

Changes to Courses

– Students are allowed to make changes to their schedule prior to arriving in Florence – up until 6 weeks prior to departure. After this time, no changes can be accepted until the Add/Drop period in Florence. The Add/Drop period is extremely strict and no exceptions will be made on behalf of FUA or Learn Abroad Italy. To request a schedule change, please contact Learn Abroad Italy directly. Students will be notified via email once a change has been processed and completed.

Course Approval

– Students should consult their home institution about approving courses ahead of time. If a student plans to enroll in 4 classes abroad, it is suggested they get 8 classes approved, this helps in planning their class schedule. Students should consider the classes required for their major, but are free to choose elective options as well.


– Course selections may be subject to change depending on enrollment and availability. The approval of credit loads must be pre-approved in any given academic session, students who wish to earn credits in addition to the regular load per session must receive approval from their home institution.

Fees, Expenditures, & Budget

LAI Study Abroad Program Fees*


Application Fee


Security Deposit

*Refunded within 45 days of the program completion


Program Fee
Includes: Tuition (12-Credits), Housing(16-Weeks), LAI Services


Optional / Additional Fees

Private Room Option in Shared Apartment (Limited Availability)


Homestay Housing (Limited Availability)

$375 / week

Accommodations for Cultural Introduction Travel Week Course


Additional Field Learning or Non-credit Courses

Contact LAI for more information

Meal Plan

Different packages offered, contact LAI for more information

*Prices are subject to change at anytime for any reason: LAI reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency and/ or fee changes made by our affiliated universities

Student Budget to Plan For

Low / High Estimate

Flight To and From

$800 / $1400

Visa & Permit of Stay

$275 / $300


$45 per course / $125 per course

Meals, Snacks, Eating Out, Groceries

$125 per week / $225 per week

Personal Expenses

$50 per week / $125 per week

Transportation / Getting Around (Taxi, Bus, Train)

$25 per week / $50 per week

Personal Expenses

$50 per week / $125 per week

Included In Your Program

LAI dedicates time to support students and parents before, during and after their study abroad program to assist with any questions or concerns.

Below is a list of the services included in your program:
● Program tuition
● International Student Health Insurance
● Student Housing Accommodations
● 24-hour emergency support on-site
● Transportation from airport to housing accommodation on program arrival day
● Daily extracurricular activities such as sports, discovering Florence, and culinary explorations designed to assist students in discovering Florence and experiencing Italy through a native perspective
● Educational field trips
● On-site staff offering program assistance
● Orientation to familiarize student with host city and host university
● Cell phones for students (outgoing calls will be charged individually)
● Access to gym and fitness classes (within operating hours)
● Library access with study areas, scanning services and book / dvd rentals
● Computer lab access and printing services (printing may incur additional fees)
● Campus wide wifi usage
● Admissions and enrollment assistance throughout your study abroad experience
● Helpful pre-departure tools and resources
● Student visa application assistance
● Financial Aid and loan processing assistance

Activities, Events, & Excursions


The Student Life Department at FUA offers a rich and varied calendar of afternoon activities in order to offer an array of experiences that will suit the diverse needs and interests of our student body.
Activities will include, but are not limited to:

Vince Rossy - filippo-ruffini-454808

Connecting Cultures City Walks

Through guided walks through the most significant neighborhoods of Florence, students gain an understanding between the past and contemporary Florence, maximizing their experience by venturing into areas they might not explore on their own and connecting with the community


Sports Night

This activity is a great way to keep in shape while expanding your knowledge of Italian fitness culture. Soccer is the mainstay of Italian athletics and the focus of our sports night. Even if you are not an athlete, everyone is welcome to both have fun on the field or just cheer on your classmates from the stands.


Musing Club

This activity offers an opportunity for students to explore the world of music and performing arts in Florence. Opera events, visits and performances are all part of this special club. Interested in expanding your knowledge of music or just seeing an exciting performance? This activity is for you!



This weekly appointment is dedicated to culture through AperiGanzo, with Art openings and book presentations an important part of the events. This is a great opportunity to meet artists, authors and mingle with fellow classmates, FUA professors and members of the Italian community.


Mind & Body

“Mens sana in corpore sano” is the philosophy behind the Mind & Body series of activities. This series includes fitness and wellness opportunities meant to inspire and empower students. Activities include guided runs/power walks through new neighborhoods, motivational workshops and self-defense training.



– BLENDING is a journalistic collaboration that offers students the opportunity to express ideas through inquisitive, investigative and creative writing and photography, printed on a dynamic, easy-to-read format for our readers. Writers, photographers, copy editors, and graphic designers who are excited about publishing their experiences and perspectives gained in Florence, as well as novice writers that just looking for a format to document their experience in Florence are all welcome. Each semester we publish three newsletters and one magazine written by FUA students, alumni, and faculty.


Family Club

The Italian Family Club gives students an in-depth, direct opportunity to get truly involved with the Italian community through an adoptive Florentine family. By joining the Family Club, students get an up close and personal view of a typical Italian family through interaction with the members, while discovering and observing habits and customs that may not be so familiar to them. Students with Italian origins will have the chance to experience first hand what they may have only heard through stories passed down to them by aunts, uncles, parents or grandparents.


Chat Pal

What better way to learn a language than to use it in a practical manner? The Connecting Cultures Chat Pal program is a non-credit conversation exchange designed to connect Italians with FUA students, with the intent to improve Italian language skills and to create a connection with a members of the community. Each student is paired with a language partner; partners are expected to meet for at least one hour, once a week, and to divide the time equally between Italian and the student’s mother tongue. Conversation Exchange partners can meet at a time and place of their own convenience.


Italian Culture

FUA offers a series of cultural events throughout the semester. Special programs may include compelling films or interesting lectures or panel discussions on contemporary cultural, social or political themes. A great way for students to expand their understanding of Italy, its language, art, culture and people.


Taste Italy

Taste Italy is a series of special hand-on workshop, such as fresh pasta or gelato in collaboration with the chefs at Apicius. These workshops allow students experience the culinary world up close and personal with the intent to develop a deeper awareness of Italian food culture.


Connecting Cultures

Students are offered the unique opportunity to go beyond the everyday interactions with Florentine residents by participating in the Community Outreach program. This experience allows students to give something back to their host city, by offering their time and services to various social and cultural organizations, such as museums, canteens, churches of various denominations, associations such as La Tinaia Center for Expressive Arts or even teaching language in local schools. Community Outreach is an exceptional opportunity for students who want to be actively involved in the everyday life of the city during their studies in Florence.

Field learning excursions

Students will take part in academic field learning excursions to various Italian cities based on their course selection in order to experience cultural immersion in addition to their theory based classes. These excursions are subject to change each semester.

Housing Accommodations

Standard Housing Accommodations

– Live like a local in Florence! Shared apartments are located within a 5-25 minute walking distance to the FUA campus in local neighborhoods throughout the city center. This enables you to connect with the local life since residents will more than likely be living in the same apartment building. You would have access to local grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, museums, pharmacies and more – all within a short walking distance. Students have the option to share rooms, or have a private room (for an additional cost) within a shared unit. Generally, apartments house between 2-8 students among shared and private rooms. Bedrooms are shared between at least two students, some bedrooms may be shared between three or more students.


– All student housing is furnished and comes with a common living area, kitchen (refrigerator, stove and oven (or) microwave), shared bathroom, and shared or private bedroom as well as:
– Basic kitchen cookware (pots, pans, plates, cups, silverware)
– Basic wardrobe storage
– Washer machine and iron to be shared (dryers not included)
– Wifi access
– Bed sheets and a pillow

Family Homestay Option (Additional Costs Apply – Availability Not Guaranteed)

– Homestays offer students a way to immerse within the culture event more by living with a local. Homestays consist of locals or families opening their homes to students during their study abroad experience. Shared rooms (with other students), or private rooms will be furnished. Meals offered through homestays include breakfast (daily) and dinner each night, except for weekends. Keep in mind, some homestays may require a longer commute to FUA if not located directly in the city center.

Passport & Visa


– U.S. passports cannot expire within 90 days after planned departure from Italy

Student Visas

– In accordance with Italian law students studying in Italy for 90 days or more are required to obtain a student visa. Those with Italian/EU citizenship are exempted. Non-US nationals should consult their local Consulate for details on student visa requirements.
– Students must appear in person at the Italian Consulate to present their student visa application. Our Student Visa Office is available to assist students in getting ready for the appointment;

*LAI provides student visa consulting for all our students at no cost.

About the Institution


Located in the heart of the historical center of Florence, “FUA is a multidisciplinary institution that seeks to offer dynamic possibilities of study through a rich selection of academic institutions and departments. FUA provides a rich, stimulating course offering taught by an international faculty with an academic structure based on lectures, workshops, seminars, and laboratories that promote student learning and creation in its quality, state of the art facilities. Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is accredited by the Region of Tuscany (Accreditation Number FI 02219) delegated by the Italian Ministry of Education. US credit can be issued through FUA’s School of Record. Adhering to the Guidelines of the Forum on Education Abroad, the University of South Florida (“USF”) serves as the School of Record for FUA.”